Genesis Block Newspaper Copies

The Times 03 Jan 2009

Chancellor on Brink of Second Bailout for Banks

The True Meaning Behind Bitcoin

Captured in the Genesis Block by Satoshi Nakamoto

On January 3, 2009 the first event on the Bitcoin block chain occurred.  Its founder placed an important notation indicating the true intent behind what he had just created.  The London Times ran a cover story entitled “Chancellor on Brink of Second Bailout for Banks”. This title was quoted and embedded into the very first transaction ever to be included in the new Bitcoin block chain, by Satoshi Nakamoto.  The block containing this transaction was called The Genesis Block.

View the transaction on the Genesis Block

This tells us why Bitcoin was created:

bitcoin newspaper

Keeping Banking Honest

Bitcoin is “The World Wide Ledger”.  A distributed, public ledger laying bare all financial transactions, allowing for complete transparency in banking.

Empowering the Individual

Enabling consumers to control their own money, without permission, or the need to trust a 3rd party.  Immune from government seizure or theft.

Banking the Unbanked

For the first time over 6 Billion un-banked citizens can tap into a global economy with nothing more than a smartphone.

A Rare Piece of Financial History

If you are a serious collector and want an authentic copy of this document, please bookmark this website and check back periodically to see if its available for sale.  We also track all known copies of this newspaper (below).  We are excited for the innovation which is Bitcoin, and anxiously waiting to see where it will go. When Satoshi wrote his comment on the Genesis Block, there is no doubt he picked the title for a reason.

See Wiki on Genesis Block with Newspaper Referenced


Never forget the true meaning of Bitcoin:
Ending the control of Banks over your Money

Original Copies of the Genesis Block Newspaper.

The only two remaining copies of this newspaper were acquired from the National Archives on January 14, 2014. The newspapers come in a complete set with both the cover and the entire newspaper included.

Both come with a certificate of authenticity from the archival company, and one comes with an engraved storage folder mentioning the Genesis Block and the Satoshi Nakamoto quote, as well as its relevance to the Bitcoin block chain.

Each copy was immediately stored in long-term archival packaging, including archival-quality polyester transparent folders and only removed once for photographing.

Both sets have been stored in complete darkness, inside an acid-free archival box, and kept at constant cool room temperature and humidity.

The quality of the newspapers – both the cover and body of the paper, including all original inserts, advertisements, etc are in mint condition

Verifying authenticity of Bitcoin Times Jan 2009 Newspapers.

Some high definition scans of the newspaper were circulating back in 2014.  There is a chance of fake copies floating around. If you are a serious collector, you must require the entire original newspaper, including all inserts (of which there are many).

Certificates of Authenticity provided by the archival companies contain no identifying stamps, serial numbers, or anything that might actually prove that the paper is an original.  We have provided numerous photos of what comes in a complete set with this newspaper to help you identify what is legit and what might not be legit.

To further provide value and authenticity to our copies, we have the original packages that the newspapers were mailed in from the UK, directly from the archival company, with their postage stamps, and correspondence confirming we’ve received the final two copies, and purchase receipt for both.

Bitcoin Times 2009 Newspaper Genesis Block

Other known Copies of the Genesis Block Newspaper

At this time, we are aware of only five other copies of this newspaper in existence. However in 2014, a website claiming to be the Israel Bitcoin Embassy stated they were selling 5 complete copies of the newspaper.

We contacted them numerous times regarding availability and pricing, and never received a response.  Months later, they simply updated their website stating that all 5 issues were sold. More importantly, they housed their copies of the newspaper clamped with braces inside of a frame, improperly protected and not suitable for long term preservation.

All archival companies in the UK have been contacted and confirmed to be out of stock. Additionally, advertisements were placed in local UK publications and online markets offering substantial amounts of money for any person who still had an issue laying around. No responses were received.

As a result, there are 7 known copies in existence and 5 unverified copies that were poorly preserved.

Verified Copies of Bitcoin Newspaper:

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Asking:  5.5 BTC
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Asking:  5.5 BTC
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Asking:  5.5 BTC
Israel Embassy
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SOLD 5 Copies
Sale Price:  ?

There are 2 additional copies known to exist in mint condition, archival storage.  These are not for sale, but valued at 5.5 BTC each.

Update December 19, 2017:   It has become increasingly difficult to reach the owners of this newspaper as they are unwilling to share their contact information.  Some of the above owners listed no longer have their copy as they have sold it.  This includes Charlie Shrem and a few others.  This website will remain online hoping to track the existing copies indefinitely either way.  If you come across one, please contact us so we can record its existence.  This is not a “store” to purchase, but a showcase of a collectible.

Is the price justifiable?

At this time, far more common individual Casascius Coins are being sold on eBay for $10,000. These newspapers are exceptionally more rare, and much more significant.

Bitcoin is a world-wide financial paradigm shift.  Given the opportunity to come to fruition, it is poised to be recognized as a new worldwide reserve currency that entire nation-states will rely on.

Value is determined by scarcity, which is a concept that the 21 million bitcoin supply-limit is proving.  To date, there are only 7 verifiable copies of this newspaper in existence.  The 5 sold by the Bitcoin embassy have not been seen nor verified, but even including them, the grand total would stand at 12.

Do you have a copy of the Bitcoin Times Jan 03 2009 Newspaper?
Please get in touch and let us know.  Your personal information will not be shared without permission.  We would just like to keep an accurate count.

Bitcoin:  Decentralizing the Power over Money

 Banking the unbanked.

Controlling your own money.  Without Permission.