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I suppose this is the page where I tell you about myself and make you feel more comfortable that this site is run by a normal person whose mom raised him right, and wont scam you or have any other weird underhanded nonsense up his sleeve, so here goes:

I’m BittBurger.   Also known as BitttBurger with three t’s on Reddit, because apparently there’s a Beer named after me, or vice versa, and I didn’t know it.

I’ve been in the bitcoin “space” since early 2012, and bought my first Bitcoin at $59.  I’ve attended conferences galore, met Vitalik when he announced Ethereum in Miami, have held plenty of debates with Chris DeRose about his hatred of Ethereum (in fact he helped me write the summary snippet on the home page of this very website!) … and I have mailed out free Bitcoin bumper stickers to hundreds of people in the community at my own expense just because I believe in the butterfly effect a simple sticker on the back of a car can bring.

The good people at yBitcoin Magazine can vouch that I have been a volunteer distributor of theirs in both Miami and San Diego for the last few years, and while my resume is about as unimpressive as could possibly be in the Bitcoin space, at least I am somewhat known, and have shown I am in this with good intentions!

I had the wild idea upon hearing about the Genesis Block newspaper reference made by Satoshi back in 2014, to contact the archival company in London and see if they had any copies left.  For whatever reason, I managed to get the last two copies they had on file.  A year or two later, I realized how incredibly valuable these newspapers are both to this community, and the technology as a whole.

Truly museum pieces for whatever museum might house worldwide financial influences, if Bitcoin goes mainstream, I wanted to track all the known copies and their value as long as I could.

Anyone who puts their email into the email box on the home page – you can trust me that nobody will ever see your email address except myself.  And it will never be used unless we have an event where one of the newspaper holders has let me know they’re looking to sell.