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    Do You Own a Copy of the Genesis Block Newspaper?

Do you have a copy of the Genesis Block Newspaper, or are you interested in selling it?

Whether it is just the front cover, or the entire newspaper with inserts, it is extremely important to that all copies known to exist are accounted for.   This website is run by a well-known member of the Bitcoin community since 2012, and as such your privacy and anonymity will be protected fully.

As you can see, all known copies listed are identified by usernames or other non-identifiable information.  So should you choose to make yourself known, you will be provided this courtesy as well.

This site exists to document all known copies, and track their movement of ownership – with specific emphasis on their value, and therefore sale prices.  We have a list of interested parties who have requested to be notified anytime a copy may come available for purchase, so this will of course optimize your chances of finding a buyer, rather than trying to find one on your own, or risk getting less than it is worth.

As the site owner, I myself have a copy of this newspaper (all the photos are taken of my copy), so I believe I am in a unique position to understand the anonymity and privacy you may be seeking.  Please send a message on our Contact Us form and let me know you’re out there.