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What is this Newspaper Worth?

Bitcoin has transformed Finance.  It has introduced a new paradigm in how money and value are understood.  Satoshi has been suggested for a nobel prize in Economics.  The innovation known as the block chain will improve the lives of billions.  Therefore the newspaper mentioned on the Genesis Block by the mysterious creator himself, has immense value.  The title quoted from it, conveys the true meaning behind this innovation, and the rarity of available copies adds to its value.

Why do you have a website if nothing’s for sale?

It’s an opportunity to showcase the collectible, as well as (on the home page) take the chance to explain once again what Bitcoin represents.

Are there any other Bitcoin related collectibles?

Yes.  The most valuable tend to be the Casascius Coins.  There is an active collectibles trading/auctions forum at Bitcointalk.org where you can find many of them, and of course eBay has several options.  Be advised that on eBay there are a lot of alternate physical bitcoin styles and other items being sold which have little or no value.  Educate yourself prior to buying anything in hopes that it will be worth more one day.

How do I know if its an authentic copy?

Insist on the complete newspaper.  More valuable copies will include all the inserts, of which there are many.  There were some high definition scans of the front page floating around so there is a slight possibility of counterfeit front-page copies.  We have provided additional photos of the inner pages.

Are any copies of the Newspaper currently for sale?

This website holds two copies which are not currently for sale.  The front page of the site near the bottom lists other known copies.  We encourage you to bookmark this site and check back periodically to see if any are up for sale.  You can also add your email to our notification list.  Your contact information will not be used for any other purpose.

How many copies are in existence?

At this time we are aware of only 7 verified copies.  The Israel Bitcoin Embassy claimed to have held 5 additional copies and sold them all, but we’ve been unable to verify this.

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